In this project you will see how...

  • Merseyside Police will act on all information given to them about gun crime

  • People who carry guns for protection are more likely to get injured themselves

  • Anyone convicted of having a gun will recieve a minimum of 5 years in prison

  • You dont have to be the person carrying the gun to be sent to jail for gun crime offenses.

  • People who dont carry guns put the rest of their friend’s and family’s lives at risk.

The Investigation

At approximately 6.30pm last night a young lad called Dean was shot in a local park. Merseyside Police are investigating the shooting and need your help to find out who’s responsible.

You will carry out a series of physics and chemstry experiments to try and narrow the search for the missing bullet and link suspects to the crime scene.

So good luck with finding the evidence you need. Let’s hope you can help to secure a conviction and put the guilty person behind bars.

Your task

  • Watch the video to see what police know has happened so far.
  • Carry out physics experiments to narrow down the search for the missing bullet.
  • Investigate substances found on the clothing of eight suspects.
  • Present the results from your physics experiments to the Senior Investigating Officer and the evidence from your chemistry experiments to the judge and jury to try and convict the criminal.