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We are appealing for information after an armed robbery in Walton on Friday evening 17 November, 2017. At 9.40pm……

We can confirm an investigation is ongoing after a road traffic collision in Liverpool City Centre on Saturday, 18……

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We are appealing for information after an armed robbery in Waterloo on Friday evening (17 November, 2017). At ar……

Advice for parents

As a parent, the last thing you want is for your child to get into trouble or come to any harm.

If your child is becoming involved in a gang or criminal group you may start to notice some changes in their behaviour which may include:

  • Poor behaviour
  • Unexplained injuries or sums of money or possessions
  • Staying out unusually late or going missing from home
  • Poor school results or skipping school
  • Abusing drugs and/ or alcohol
  • Carrying weapons

What can you do?  

  • Talk to your child and listen
  • Know your child’s friends and their families
  • Work with other parents and schools to watch their behaviour
  • Contact local voluntary organisations that provide mentoring and other support for young people
  • Always know where your child is and who they’re with
  • Encourage them to get involved in positive activities and to think about their future employment
  • Talk to them about the serious consequences of violent or illegal behaviour
  • Call Childline for help and advice
  • Contact Gangsline for free advice and support from ex-gang members
  • Call 999 if you think your child is in danger and needs urgent help.

Help them to see the dangers of being in a gang or involved with a criminal and discuss ways they can get out.